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Varkesh Ayurveda has been making the science of Ayurveda more relevant to the modern lifestyle. We are having profound knowledge and years of experience that have helped our more than 94500+ Customers in attaining a healthy living. Varkesh Ayurveda provides solutions to overcome health problems like Skin Glow, Skin Pimples, Dull Skin, and more Skin problems, Obesity, Fat Loss, Poor Immunity problems, and other chronic issues. We can be sure that every product on this website is of superior quality. Varkesh Ayurveda bases its formulations on traditional Ayurvedic combinations and includes naturally grown herbs without the use of pesticides, pesticides, herbicides,…

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All our products are Ayurvedic, they do not have any side effects. According to the people using our product, all the products are going to benefit you. Our product is formulated by experienced Ayurvedic and Naturopathic physicians and is made from standardized herbal extracts to ensure the quality and potency of the products. Varkesh Ayurveda is a safe, effective, and natural part of a naturally healthy lifestyle.

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V-Slimish Fat Loss & Improve Metabolic Rate

A healing blend of herbs and other natural ingredients created by our Ayurvedic experts that help fight obesity, no matter what the cause and help improve your metabolic rate, this body Helps to lose unwanted fat and burn excess fatty tissue. V-Slimish also helps in controlling appetite and helps in relaxing the mind.

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Varkesh Glow up+ (for all skin)


VARKESH GLOW UP (FOR ALL SKIN) Based on a traditional ayurvedic formula, it includes highly nutritious and possesses remarkable healing and rejuvenating qualities. Glowing, fresh, and beautiful skin is an indicator of a healthy body and strong immunity and VARKESH GLOW UP Natural ingredients help maintain skin luster, skin hydration, improve skin complexion & give glowing skin, and give beautiful acne-free skin. Therefore, Varkesh Ayurveda created GLOW UP (Skin Care Capsules FOR ALL SKIN) to impart Ayurvedic skincare through its potent herbs.

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My belly fat was very high and I used a lot of weight loss products, but my belly fat did not decrease, your medicine reduced my belly fat and my skin is also tight and my old dress has started to fit. I thank you from the heart. Very helpful your medicine, Thanks again

Simran Gajjar

My post-pregnancy was fat and after the pregnancy, I had gained 15 kilograms, now it was very important for me to lose weight because I have a lot of difficulties walking, now I have been taking medicine for a month and it has been a month I have lost 6 kilograms and the target is to lose at least 15 kilograms. I think I will lose all my weight in 2 to 3 months.

Anjali Patekar

It is very good medicine to lose weight, after the pregnancy, my weight was increased, I also do walking, I also take slim ups capsules, due to which my weight has reduced to 7.250 kg a month. Health experts help a lot.

Kalpana Juneja

My weight was 75 kg, I have been using the medicine for 2 months, now my weight is 68 kg, I also had problems with thyroid, it has reduced by 50% to 60%.


I had a problem with thyroid and periods and my weight was also increasing. I have been taking slim up capsules and slim herbal tea. My periods and thyroid problems have been good and I have lost weight

Seema Banerjee

That is very difficult to lose weight but I lost weight without doing any physical work, with slim up capsules and slim herbal tea and in addition, my skin glowed

Madhuri Joshi

I have used a lot of medicines but my weight has not been reduced by anyone, but since I am using the weight loss medicine of Varkesh Ayurveda, my weight has also decreased and energy has also increased, I would like to tell people whose weight It is not decreasing, it must be used once

Kritika Mehta

This is a very good medicine. My weight has been reduced by 6.150 kg’s, after 2 months I had gained weight after pregnancy and I also had problems with thyroid. It has also reduced by 60%. Thanks for your guidance

Surbhi Jain

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